Variety Table Top Luncheon at Pine Lake Country Club

I recently had the opportunity to design a table top for Variety-Detroit, the Children’s Charity, Luncheon at Pine Lake Country Club.

Variety-Detroit is a children’s charity, simply helping kids no matter the need, and serving as a trusted local source to do what’s right – changing our lives by changing theirs. Please visit Variety’s website at,

The theme of the table top was “Spring’s Victorious Emergence from Winter”.  The earthy, elegant setting features white (winter) linens from Larry Laslo for Robert Allen, which sets the backdrop for the crystal (ice) lotus votives, Waterford champagne flutes, and crackle ice martini glasses. (Tablecloth fabrication-BJ Spitsbergen)

The earthy wood chairs from Urban Houzz compliment the contemporary rustic black and white prints by Keith Emmerich, which depict the changing seasons. Art Deco flatware adds to the sparkle with the organic green and silver bowls. The fresh new leaf green is accented in the napkins, as well as, the fabulous spring floral of green hydgrangeas, yellow tulips, and white irises emerging from the moss. (Floral by Fleur-Detroit).

March Madness at the Michigan Design Center featured in the Detroit News

Designers pair off for room challenge

Unique face-off a lesson in different ways to repurpose at Michigan Design Center

  • By Susan R. Pollack
  • Detroit News Design Writer

From The Detroit News:

Variety Table Tops Luncheon

Hope you can join me at the event.

Variety-Detroit is a children’s charity, simply helping kids no matter the need, and serving as a trusted local source to do what’s right – changing our lives by changing theirs. Please visit Variety’s website at,
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Table Tops Luncheon

Come Experience exquisite Table Tops designs by Metro Detroit’s Tops Designers.  This event will feature an exquisite display of over 30 premiere table top designs with guest speaker, Mariette Himes Gomez, an internationally acclaimed designer.

when: Wednesday, April 11, 2012, 10:30 am to 2:00 pm

ticket prices: Friend:  $75/person, Combination Patron Party and Luncheon ticket:  $175/person

where: Pine Lake Country Club

3300 Pine Lake Road

West Bloomfield Township, MI 48324

why: To benefit the many programs of Variety that improve and enhance the lives of children in need in our community.

rsvp: Contact Variety office by phone at 248.258.5511 or e-mail at

who: Metro Detroit’s top designers will showcase exquisite Table Top Designs.  The event will feature guest speaker Mariette Himes Gomez, internationally acclaimed designer.

Tickets include food, beverages, lecture & valet parking

March Madness at the Michigan Design Center

I was recently invited by the RJ Thomas showroom at the Michigan Design Center to participate in the March Madness event.  Twelve designers in six showrooms went head-to-head to create their own interpretations of a theme starting with three similar basic furnishings.

The Apple of Our “I”
A relaxed and inviting family room designed for today’s modern family that borrows inspiration from the world of computer technology.

The room setting is a family room. The Webster definition of “family room”, shortly after WWII, “is a space designed to be a place where family and guests gather for group recreation like talking, reading and watching TV”. All of those tasks can be done today, but have expanded with the help of computer devices. Now, we can watch a movie, talk and skype Aunt Betsy in Denmark, research a term paper, write a speech, read a book, all while playing a friendly game of angry birds together.

Todays modern family has iPads, iPods, iPhones, and a few I don’t knows. Sure TVs are still around, but the “I”can double as that function.

The function, as well as, the color scheme of these devices influenced this family room. Inspiration from these devices is reflected in the color scheme of gray, silver, and white. The texture of the silver beaded curtain and chandelier mimics the metal textures of the computer components.  Also, the featured etagere becomes a calming art piece with the repeating of the white wooden spools. This piece would also, be great to display a book collection or other collected pieces of the family.  The featured chair is softend with a yellow, green chenille throw.

Relaxed wood finishes warm the space, while the comfy sofa is accented with punches of color, in yellow and of course, green Apple.. Photos of today’s modern family accent the tables, along with the featured crystal lamp.

Lastly,  a family room would not be a farmily room without a fireplace. The fireplace was built on site in a white gloss finish.  Since, we could not install a gas line or a chimney, metal zinc sculptures emulate a fire. The fireplace is an architectural focal point in the space, which brings a family together to reflect on the days events.

The family room is not just a family room, but is quickly becoming the everything and everyone room.

Photo by Beth Singer Photography

Margeaux Interiors featured in Houzz Ideabook

I am an interior designer with a passion for modern clean spaces and timeless… More »

Architectural Salvage Stakes a Claim

No need to hit the junkyard. Gorgeous salvage finds are now showing up in mainstream stores — and stylish interiors

There was a time when architectural salvage materials could be found for very little money, offering great savings along with a layer of uniqueness. Now that more architectural salvage yards are open to the public and more people appreciate the history and texture that architecturally salvaged materials bring to their homes, retailers are also offering salvage style at a premium. The appeal of salvaged materials is that they can be made to conform to any style, from traditional to modern. And there is still plenty of potential for savings and a special touch if you can think outside the box.
A salvaged door, perhaps from an office or a bygone era of residential building, would make quite a first impression. The weathered appeal of wood is inviting and warm.

Your Door is Now Open to Interior Design..

Past meets  Present. The “new vintage” space borrows from the timeless designs of Art Deco, Beaux Arts, Danish Modern, and Jean-Michel Frank.A mixture of antiques, recycled, locally produced art and new pieces, along with expressions of history in Detroit, make this a sophisticated, warm and relaxing space.

The space was challenging due to the angled walls and the size (13x7x13x5) of the room.  Inspiration began with the antique salvaged apartment doors that were installed as the room divider between the angled walls.  The doors also, became an art piece with the room numbers, locks, and replaced round, glass tiles for the transom, adding to this focal point.  The goal then was to incorporate antiques, and local art from Michigan to add those “green elements”.

The Venetian hand painted walls highlight the photography of Detroit’s abandoned Central Train Depot (architectural detail photo), and the abandoned Lee Plaza Hotel (with the damaged piano), still depict beauty thru the decay.  A bronze figure sculpture, and an organic shell-like glass bowl were created by local artists, which welcome the feeling of “life” to the space. An Art Deco antique console table reflects the warmth of wood, while highlighting the crystal sparkle of the light fixtures and mirror.  The finishing touches of an antique camera and microphone encourage the conversation of photography and music, but also evoke a sculptural artistic feel.


Keith Emmerich Photography