Your Door is Now Open to Interior Design..

Past meets  Present. The “new vintage” space borrows from the timeless designs of Art Deco, Beaux Arts, Danish Modern, and Jean-Michel Frank.A mixture of antiques, recycled, locally produced art and new pieces, along with expressions of history in Detroit, make this a sophisticated, warm and relaxing space.

The space was challenging due to the angled walls and the size (13x7x13x5) of the room.  Inspiration began with the antique salvaged apartment doors that were installed as the room divider between the angled walls.  The doors also, became an art piece with the room numbers, locks, and replaced round, glass tiles for the transom, adding to this focal point.  The goal then was to incorporate antiques, and local art from Michigan to add those “green elements”.

The Venetian hand painted walls highlight the photography of Detroit’s abandoned Central Train Depot (architectural detail photo), and the abandoned Lee Plaza Hotel (with the damaged piano), still depict beauty thru the decay.  A bronze figure sculpture, and an organic shell-like glass bowl were created by local artists, which welcome the feeling of “life” to the space. An Art Deco antique console table reflects the warmth of wood, while highlighting the crystal sparkle of the light fixtures and mirror.  The finishing touches of an antique camera and microphone encourage the conversation of photography and music, but also evoke a sculptural artistic feel.


Keith Emmerich Photography